Welcome on my webpage!

Please, allow to me the introduction!

My name is László Kőnig, I was born 1960 in Győr, and I'm living and working here.

I have got two passions for my childhood: the sport and the graphic arts. Notably the graphics and the painting stand close to me.

I would like to produce some works to you, like to the art enquirer.

I'm especially interested in a lady's beauty, so it's a honorific challenge to immortalize a lady's beautyful face.

I write poetry as well, and besides, I am writing a novel at the moment, which I plan to publish next year.

I belive that one should create continuously and make an effort to be perfect. I am about to reach these purposes.

In all individuals there can be the talent and the brilliance hidden without being aware of them. How much of these we are able to bring to the surface depends on how much we go for it. In most cases we only need inspiration in order to do our best. Every single day is a possibility to wake up to find the point in our life.

It is not only important what we create but also what we change into while making it. Give yourself to the joy of creation. The main thing is that our work of art, our pictures should ferlect out mood or passion towards art. Talent alone is not enough to create something ever lasting. We also need to have persistence, will-power and humility if we would like to be succesful or do well both in sports and fine arts.

Thank you for your attention, I wish for you a good glean!

Yours sincerely,

László Kőnig